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14 Jan 2019

14 Jan 2019

14 Jan 2019

Winner: Ferrython 2019

Winner: Ferrython 2019

Winner: Ferrython 2019

Carolyne Burns

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Carolyne Burns

Carolyne Burns



“I see my colleagues use Expr3ss! on a daily basis, it has changed their lives in that they no longer spend so much time going through applications and meeting with candidates who just aren’t suitable.

I am responsible for the company rostering of 600 employees so it is great to find the right people with the right skills and experience to fill our complex rosters. Best of all, the candidates we have been hiring since using Expr3ss! have been such a great match for their role that we have seen our staff turnover reduce by half.

Expr3ss! benefits not only Recruiters and HR Professionals, but also those like me who work in workforce forecasting, analysis, planning and rostering.“

Melanie Pollock – West HQ

Runners Up

“Expr3ss! is not just great, it’s literally greatness packaged into a system that changed the way we recruit at Chorus. Recruitment was previously so manual and time consuming, we just couldn’t respond to every candidate. Now this is so much more automated, simplified and the best part is our candidate satisfaction.”

Peta Chaytor – Human Resources Manager:  Chorus

“Expr3ss! customer service I have never seen anything better, prompt response from their professional staff. Expr3ss! provides so much recruitment intelligence that improves our selection decisions enormously. I am so glad to have met the Expr3ss! Team as they have Expr3ss!ionalised my world”

Leonie Murphy – Director People and Performance – Zoos South Australia

“There are many great things about Expr3ss! from the systems simplicity and transparency, to the level of detail it provides on candidates, through to integrated online references, however the greatest benefit to me is that it has given my HR team greater confidence when recruiting, but having simplified our process it has given them greater capacity to better support our business.”

Karina Bunker – Director of People & Culture – Burnside War Memorial Hospital Inc

“Well, it made me think differently about recruiting and employing people, basically it took me behind the curtain into their soul, the truth was revealed without the 6-12 months of employment hell while finding it out first hand if they were the right fit”

Bill McKenna – Managing Director – NT Tyres

“3verything.  It takes the hassle out of recruitment for me. I love the can do and will do features and the fact it automates so many manual recruitment tasks”

Michelle Holcombe – Human Resources Officer – Connectability Australia

“A fast-moving organisation who car3s
Th3y ar3 disrupting th3 recruitment s3ctor and loving it.  So much fun and 3n3rgy, in a ch33ky way.  It’s th3 things th3y do today that mak3s th3 diff3r3nc3 for our tomorrow”

Kath Milne – Director – Kathleen Milne Consulting

“Th3r3 is a company call3d Expr3ss!
Who h3lps cli3nts r3cruit for l3ss
Tim3 and 3n3rgy ar3 r3duc3d
Using stars ar3 a boost
C3rtainly, r3ducing th3 str3ss”

Kath Milne – Director – Kathleen Milne Consulting

“Tim3, 3n3rgy, mon3y
Th3s3 3 things hir3rs sav3
Painfr33, uncomplicat3d
Giving focuss3d r3sults
With simplifi3d outcom3s.”

Kath Milne – Director – Kathleen Milne Consulting

“Twinkl3 twinkl3 littl3 star
How I wond3r what “can you do”?
Up abov3 th3 list so bright
How I wond3r what “will you do”?
Twinkl3 twinkl3 littl3 star
How I wond3r what a “fit you ar3”?
Twinkl3 twinkl3 littl3 star
You c3rtainly rais3 th3 high bar”

Kath Milne – Director – Kathleen Milne Consulting

“3liminat3s “no can dos”
Focus3s on “will dos”
R3mov3s chanc3
Allows m3 to focus on what matt3rs
Highlights stars to fit to!“

Kath Milne – Director – Kathleen Milne Consulting

“The best thing about Expr3ss! is finding amazing people who match the business, then watching them grow and become successful in their new roles. Not only that, the technology makes the recruitment process easy so its super speedy to find the right people – it finds great people, fast!”

Mel Blondell – Managing Director – Red Seed Productivity Specialists

“Great customer service, support and a user friendly recruitment program is great!!!”

Eunice Cousins – HR Recruiter – Community Support Incorporated

“The advanced talent search function cuts down our screening time by miles! It’s a great way to quickly find who you’re looking for, especially when searching their employment history! Keep it up. Thanks :)”

Kirsty Hillier – People and Culture Administrator –  Drakes Supermarkets

“It makes selecting candidates easy, as well as providing an additional form of screening through the behavioural assessment. As a first timer to the process of hiring an assistant, this recruitment software has been my best tool.”

Olivia Barlow – Coordinator, Small Livestock Competitions and Events – Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

“Expr3ss! is simply awesome! Expr3ss! creates a great experience to those wanting to join a business. In some cases, it’s the first phase to which a new employee will experience a piece of the business (First impressions matter!), so really it’s what experience Expr3ss! creates for business and the value it adds to the public view of the business. Not only is it great, but definitely adds/amplifies the values of the business.”

Angela Jang – Human Resources Coordinator –  Lowes Manhattan Pty Ltd

“Being a first time user of an online recruitment tool after over 20 years in HR – I must say, I am sold and converted and I have only scratched the surface! I must also mention the great support I have received from Expr3ss! with Tracy, Cathy and Natalie who are always there to answer my random questions. Would be great to meet them in person!”

Debbie Debono – Group People & Culture Manager –  Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Clubs

“I love the time I save by having all the information about potential candidates right in front of me in one spot!”

Megan Smith – Pharmacy Operations Manager – National Pharmacies

“You’ve recently saved my world with recruitment. Reducing screening of candidates from hours to minutes, some legwork to go but the end product for me will be a game changer! Love your work Expr3ss!, truly couldn’t do it without your help! PS I don’t have to double post anymore, #Winning!”

Kelly Ford – HR Manager – Accor Vacation Club

“I LOVE the colour coded shortlisting, amendable sections on the application form, ease of sending unsuccessful letters, seeing application details in one view on one row, overall ease of using the site and most of all the wonderful service from the team!! AND the breakfast presentation at Crown Perth!! :)”

Cassandra Dawes – HR Operations Officer:  Avivo

“Expr3ss! is easy to navigate and makes recruiting easy.”

Angus Davies – WFD Manager – Workskil Australia

“Expr3ss! offers Avivo the ability to recruit exceptional Support Workers by using flexible and intuitive recruitment software, shortlisting tools, an easily accessed talent database and most of all friendly advice and guidance. We love Expr3ss! because they support us to recruit the best support for our customers to live their best lives.”

Erin Gray – HR Operations Officer – Avivo

“Convenient, easy to track, user friendly”

Blade Richardson – Discovery Parks

“I have only been using Expr3ss! for less than 24hrs but I am already impressed by the automated ratings – this will help us to select staff better, and quicker.”

Stephanie Decelles – HR Advisor – Autism SA

“Having used the Expr3ss! recruitment system when seeking employment, I found it to be very user-friendly and extremely streamlined. Now I am in the position of hiring my own assistant, experiencing a total different aspect of what goes on “Behind the Scenes” which I find just as straight forward and hassle free.
Thank you Jenelle”

Jenelle Montgomerie – Coordinator Arts & Crafts Competitions & Events – Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

“The best thing about Expr3ss! is having everything in one, easy to access site – the job ad, screening questions and results, personality ratings, access to applicant resume’s, calendar/scheduling of interviews and easy communication with applicants. I am not sure how we survived without Expr3ss!”

Madeline Cadzow – Administration – Laser Group

“It feels like Expr3ss! is a part of our extended family! The team are always there when you need them. They continuously think of creative and innovative ways to help make our recruitment easier. We love their support and our business wouldn’t be as great without them!”

Megan McKenzie – Group Human Resources Manager – Frizelle Sunshine Automotive

“Expr3ss! is the best recruitment tool! It has saved me an enormous amount of time and frustration in getting the right applicant for the position. Thanks Expr3ss!”

Karen Evans – Administration Manager – Jeld-Wen

“Expr3ss! is my one-stop-shop to handle the recruitment process. In one programme, I can post ads, communicate, test, diarise, make notes, compare, check eligibility, screen, view, and search candidates. It’s like a CRM, all applicants in one place streamlines my role allowing me to efficiently and effectively help my clients!”

Catherine Frost – Consultant –  Recruit Smart

“I have only been using Expr3ss! for a couple of weeks, but I am so impressed with the quality of training both one on one and system based tutorials. We have engaged unrelated systems that do not have this level of support.”

Darren Culverwell – National Resource Manager – L.V. Dohnt

“Customer service experience.”

Ray Shiraz – HR Advisor – CatholicCare Diocese Of Broken Bay

“Very handy, I like how you can search talent, compare, mark and make notes.”

Monique Douglas – Resource Coordinator – Avivo

“I write to Expr3ss!,
Thoughts I can’t suppress,
A tool which is no stress,
When hiring is just a button press
Feels good to pen down, I Guess.”

Nicki Lumb – Regional Operations Manager – Mad Mex

“Expr3ss! sav3s m3 tim3. x3!”

Michael Bowden – People Recruiter – Star Pharmacy Group

“Consistency in presentation and message, ease of create and post ad.”

Mark Wilson – Director / Electrical Manager – Laser Group

“Expr3ss! has helped me immensely in keeping track of applicants and collecting and tracking data I require for the recruitment process. Super efficient!”

Heather Gryst – Recruitment and Marketing –  Centacare

“Expr3ss! is like a good Sydney ferry,
Australian-based, reliable,
Uniquely named,
and if you hang around them long enough you can see the stars.”

Kathryn Cole

“I’m learning, I’m learning and so excited about all the features that Expr3ss! has to offer! Limited experience of the system so far, but I tell all my external HR contacts of the control of recruitment that it enables not to mention the excellent ‘face’ of my organisation it promotes. An excellent tool!”

Carolyn Sawyer – Senior HR Advisor, SEQ – SeaLink

“Your exceptional customer service (I love the little welcome packs for new team members!) and ongoing support when we need training. You’ve taken us from spreadsheets to a dashboard and have been a recruitment tool that’s improved our efficiency in a rapidly growing business, we will forever be grateful!!”

Kathryn Faulkner – Head of People & Culture – Discovery Parks


Matthew Jones – Drakes Supermarkets

“It has streamlined job placement, more importantly the questionnaire and recommendations make choosing the right recruit more likely”

Mark Amphlett – Franchisee – Collective Wellness Group

“It’s wonderful and we have had some amazing quality applicants apply for positions.”

Kathryn Girdham – Professional Assistant – Trinity College

“The ease of access for every aspect of the platform, easy navigation, having the ability to personalise / tailor your campaigns and having the ability to chat or call someone and have instant support if you need it.”

Shannen-Lee Farrell – Recruitment Coordinator – Ed Harry

“The support in setting up the software (Carolyne) and Professionalism
In sales (Andy) made for an exceptional product. Shame the company I worked for at the time didn’t fully implement it before I left.  Online recruiting and on boarding is a must for anyone working in recruitment.”

Biljana Healy

“Expr3ss! is great for the fantastic support we receive from the staff!! Also love the self-service integration with Seek. What a bonus!!”

Cassandra Dawes – HR Operations Officer – Avivo

“Expr3ss! has changed the way I work for the better and allowed me time to learn and do more in my job! It has made tracking applicants from start to finish easy, efficient, professional and, most importantly, fun. Thank you Expr3ss!”

Tiziana Sestili – Alwyndor Aged Care

“Expr3ss! is great because it is so easy to use!!!”

Cassandra Dawes – HR Operations Officer – Avivo

“I think Expr3ss! is great for offering such an awesome competition! #pickmetowin!! :)”

Cassandra Dawes – HR Operations Officer – Avivo

“They help match the right people to fit job roles efficiently”

Melissa Mcnab

“Gr3at recruitment software, saves time and more
Expr3ss! I simply adore!
Fantastic and supportive staff too,
An amazing company you simply can’t outdo!”

Rita Shamoun

“(E)ffectively pinpointing applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit required for your company
e(X)actly what every company needs
(P)roven predictive hiring technology
(R)apid 48 hour Customised Start-Up
(E)radicate external recruiter costs
(S)implifies staff selection
(S)oftware that allows you to take back control of your own recruitment”

Qui Truong

“Our team and I love using Expr3ss!,
It’s so simple to use for recruiter and candidate,
Without it we’d be in such a mess,
Soon you’ll know it’s almost impossible to over-rate!”

Oliver Sanders – HR Advisor – William Adams

“We feel we are blessed to have Expr3ss!,
As our recruitment and selection tool,
It always makes our hiring such a success,
And makes other recruiters look a fool.”

Oliver Sanders – HR Advisor – William Adams

“Whats orange, always available, simple to use and solves all your staff selection problems?
The Team at Expr3ss!
As a business owner I have seen how impactful the Expr3ss! recruitment system can be in getting the right talent by saving our most valuable commodity… time! It truely is GR3AT!”

Eddie Lane – Cold Logic Industrial Refrigeration Specialists

“The follow up! Today in fact I got a call and a reminder of where I’m at with my recruitment. The service from Expr3ss! Is excellent! I get a call regularly and the team are always on hand to help me with navigating the app, which is pretty user friendly so not needed but I know if I ever get stuck I’d be sorted!”

Shelley Tegg – National Key Account Manager – Henning Harders

“In today’s tech savvy world there is an abundance of options to deliver exceptional results, all promising to assist HR professionals and small to medium sized business obtain a competitive edge.

What is incredibly difficult to replicate is exceptional customer service. Expr3ss! has this in abundance. They only hire high performing people who have a very contemporary yet sharp focus on delivering a global standard customer service. I have yet to come across anyone who can match this. From the moment you engage with Expr3ss!, the set up, training and ongoing support firmly places you as part of the ‘Expr3ss! family’.

This coupled with their agile approach to continuous improvement and willingness for customisation has resulted in very little hesitation to implement their software at every organisation I have worked for and with.“

Jodie Murphy – Chief People Officer – Star Pharmacy Group

“Expr3ss! has greatly reduced the time it takes for me to recruit and eliminates the angst by taking care of the hard work for me. Once I have setup the position, it’s so easy to use to filter the best possible applicants to pursue. I have recommended Expr3ss! to other friends who also hold roles in recruiting!”

Karen Evans – Administration Manager – NSW – Corinthian

“For me, the best thing about Expr3ss! has been the support staff, as a new user of the recruitment software I came with many, many questions and 3 months later I am still learning, the staff have been extremely helpful – thank you :-)”

Amina Mujkic – Recruitment/HR Coordinator – Centacare SA

“What can I say? We have only been part of the Expr3ss! family for a short time but, what a change to recruitment here at BH. Thank you all for your support walking me through the process, it has been seamless.”

Gail Jelfs – HR Officer – Burnside War Memorial Hospital Inc

“Being very new to the recruitment aspect of HR, I find Expr3ss! very easy to use, along with it being a multi-faceted tool which definitely helps us select the right candidates for interview. And customer service is exceptional!”

Lindy Reid – Finance Team – CanDo Group

“User friendly, simple, interactive.”

Cherry Bi – HR Advisor –  Autism SA

“I think the overall functionality makes Expr3ss! great – from job archiving to the applicant quick search! I also think this competition is great, myself and my colleague would love to win!”

Cassandra Dawes – HR Operations Officer – Avivo

“Expr3ss!. How recruiting’s m3ant to be…”

A Donovan

“Snap up a star before the opposition and improve the company’s position too…
Whatever age or demographic, from capable newbies to the highly trained, Expr3ss! recruitment software pinpoints the perfect staff member for you…”

M Donovan

“Hot off the pr3ss…. in 50 words or l3ss… why Expr3ss! is a howling succ3ss….
Whether hiring a seamstr3ss, actr3ss, waitr3ss or even a head-mistr3ss, Expr3ss! allows me to ass3ss a candidates succ3ss without the usual str3ss.
I must conf3ss, I love the ease of using Expr3ss!”

Lara Rupac – Training Coordinator – ActronAir

“Finally a system that matches potential staff to our business. I love how through using the Expr3ss! recruitment system it does not just focus on skill and experience but is able to uncover core values, traits and beliefs.
These are the underlying attributes that ensure we have a potential employee with the same cultural values so they fit in easily. It is such a pleasure coming to work having a stable and happy workforce where each team member respects and values the other.
Thank you Expr3ss! we are grateful that you have been able to help us for many years.”

Liz Davies – Managing Director:  Self Storage Australia

“The ability to combine applicants from multiple platforms in one location.”

Khalil Abbas – NSW Regional Manager – Bob Jane T-Marts

“W3 ar3 f3rry 3xcited to b3 working with such a gr3at company as Expr3ss!. Th3y know how w3 think and can match our futur3 3mploy33s to our valu3s and cultur3.
Liz and Colin
S3lf Storag3 Australia
PS Th3y mak3 replacing e with a 3 look normal!!”

Liz Davies – Managing Director – Self Storage Australia

“I love how it is such a simple recruitment software package to use. It makes hiring quality staff a joy”

Kathryn Girdham – PA – Trinity College

“Expr3ss is great because it simply does what other recruitment software fails to do. (Makes the process Extremely Simple every step of the way). Further more your after sales service is exemplary and your team are always most happy to help. Thank you for helping me find the best fit people for W&L”

Matthew Nemeth – Recruitment Coordinator – W&L Aged Care Services

“My first job in recruitment was extremely difficult, keeping track of what positions you are advertising and who has applied is a nightmare. Expr3ss! has made this much easier and at times has kept me sane (as we all know how crazy this industry is) Happy New Year and good luck for the year ahead!”

Ethan Walter – W&L Aged Care Services

“With high volume recruitment Expr3ss! makes my life easier. From the application to the on boarding. It is a cost effective product and time saving. We couldn’t recruit the volume and choose the right candidates without it! It is simple and easy for both client and candidate.”

Susan Thomson – HR Manager – Hickinbotham Group

“What isn’t great about Expr3ss!? It’s a sensational product, that actually does what it says it will!  Expr3ss! promises that it “simplifies staff selection” and this it does, every time.
Secondly the people. We have never dealt with such a focused team of service providers. These guys are the best!”

Kirsty O’Shea – Director – Osheas

“Expr3ss! is great because it has an enthusiastic team that is passionate about helping ensure its customers get WOW’d at every possible interaction, wowed by insights, tips and the predictive power of the recruitment software to help them see, with the stars plus the insights the Expr3ss! reports offer, the people that are best to recruit and appoint that will flourish in role and help the business they work in prosper. Lov3 t3am Expr3ss!”

Carolyne Burns – Co-founder and Managing Director – Expr3ss!

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